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Don't forget to keep track of assignments and due dates! If you have not purchased an assignment book please do so!

Be Prepared! Here is a list of needed Materials:

Classroom Materials    ( a * symbol is a required item) Classroom Wish list: Parent's feel free to contribute any item
 * A binder with notebook paper (this item may be used in other classes)
An assignment book!
 * Pencils
 * A Folder (2 pocket)
 * A note book for journals (at least 90 pages)
White paper
Construction paper
Lined paper
Art supplies, household items to be used in projects
old magazines or newspapers


Book Projects:

For each book we read in class, including the choice books, you will fill out a book score card. It will look something like this:

Project Title Value Points Received
Art Project 20 18
Map 15 15
Diary 15 10
Poem 10 10
                                                                                                                                Total: 53

You will pick out projects from the list below that equal 50 points. You may start some of the projects before the book is finished, use your judgment. After each project is graded you will add up your score, if you miss some points you can always add another project! You can also turn in the same project a second time for a higher score after revision. Please do not turn in all projects on the last day! Due dates will be given at the beginning of each new book. You will present at least one project per book to the class, your choice.

Have a great idea for a project that is not listed? Write up a project proposal and we will discuss it and assign a point value to it!

Up to 15 points of Extra Credit can be earned per book!

List of Projects:

 10 Points Each 15 Points Each 20 Points Each
Describe an experience that you've had that is similar to one from the book. (min. 1 page) Draw, color and label a map of where this story takes place Write several diary entries by one of the main characters
Write any kind of poem about your book
Write a "book talk" trying to get a friend to read this book Explain how you would make this book into a movie. Think of the actors, the setting and turn one page or more of the story into a screen play
Draw a new (and relevant) book cover for this book Write a letter to a character in this book as if it were someone you know, discuss their problem or help them think of solutions to their problem Do any relevant art project, drawing, painting et and a one page description / explanation
Would you like to meet a character in this book? Write a description of your meeting or why you would want to meet them (min. 1 page)
Try to continue the story, what happened after the story ended? (2-3 pages) Keep a response journal while you read the book and record your feelings and opinions  - at least 8 entries.
Find a song that makes you think of this book. Bring a copy of the lyrics and a one page explanation of your choice Draw a picture of a main character and several items to represent that character, describe your drawing on one separate sheet of paper Create a short play that shows how a scene in the story could have taken place differently and get classmates to help act it out in class
Think of your own 10 point project, write a short description and talk to me about it! Think of your own 15 point projects! Think of your own 20 point projects!

More choices will be posted that have to do specifically with the current books as we read them.

Current Homework:

Week of Nov. 13 - 17
Reading chapters 2 and 3 of Island of the Blue Dolphin
Have at least one project on your score card turned in this week!
Vocabulary test on Friday, be prepared!