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Doing research has never been easier! Now you can use the internet to find information about books, writing, literature and authors . . . not to mention reserach for all your other classes! Remember to evaluate your source for reliabilty before using the information you find in a paper or project. It is still importaint for you to get information from printed sources:


Here are some valuable resources on the internet for you to use in relation to your language arts class. I will be adding to this list periodically and if you have any good sites please recomend them to me in class or through e-mail!


Poetry Writing With Jack Prelutsky

Haiku How To

The Sestina Page

Blank Verse

Required Reading Materials:  

Lowis Lowry Bio

Lowis Lowry Information

Lowis Lowry

Scott O'Dell

Scott O'Dell Random House Page

Bridge to Terabithia Offical Site

Katherine Paterson Bio