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Rules and Expectations


1. Students will come to class prepared, meaning that they will have all necessary books, materials and homework.

2. Homework assignments are expected on the due date. You can always redo assignments or have them back to do additional revisions, but you must turn in some form of a competed project upon the due date or no grade will be given. After having a conference in class with me you may have your work back and turn it in later for a chance at a higher grade.

3. Students are REQUIRED to treat each other and myself with respect at all times. Failure in this expectation will not be tolerated.


1. Come to class on time
2. Show respect when classmates or the teacher is speaking to the whole class by listening actively
3. Do not bring food, drinks or gum to class


1. LATE WORK  Your grade on a assignment will be significantly lowered if it is not turned in on time (remember! all assignments can be turned in a second or even a third time later on).

2. PLAGIARISM  Your assignment is automatically reduced to zero. No extra credit homework will be accepted from you for the rest of the semester. Office and parent conferences will be required.

3. NAME CALLING / UNKINDNESS  Possible referral to the office or counselor. Repeated acts will result in detentions. Remember! We are learning to use communication as a tool, do not abuse it's powers!